Volunteer Zone

Portal for youth who want to try to live abroad, became volunteers,
go to training course or youth exchange.

Here you can read stories of people who already done it.
Here you can write your story and share your experience.
Here also you can meet new people who have similar experience
find them on map.

Read our stories about living abroad. Write and share your own story.


Everyone of us have the story. What was before living abroad and how the situation had changed after moving to different country. Read our stories to open your mind.

My service is your life

My service is your life

Two years ago, I was dead. Blades were my closest friends and suicide plans my refugee from the pain of reality. Emptiness fulfilled my petrified heart. The last drop of love for my little brother gave me the strength to commit myself to psychiatric ward before...

Write your story or article about your City

Become a writer and share your story! Write your article.

Write about your city, about places must have to visit, what you can do in a free time.

Become translator or ask for the translation

Become a translator, practis and help the other people to learn the other languages. If you have problem we will translate it for you!


News & Articles

Read articles about the activities in the cities and do more. Read and learn more before going abroad or find new place new ideas.


Video contest for volunteers! Record your EVS story!

Video contest for volunteers! Record your EVS story!

Share your story, record video Share your story is the title of the second edition contest about experience from EVS. Be creative and win one of the prices! All winners go to Brussels for the European Youth Week! and you can choose: 2 Interrail Passes trip to...

Cigna insurance card

Cigna insurance card

Log in into your Cigna account and print your Cigna insurance card Here You will have information how to log-in into your Cigna account, find your insurance agreement and card. 1. Check your email from Cigna email with reference nr. Topic should look like this:...

Project No Passa Res

Project No Passa Res

From "No Passa Res" to "VolZone" No Passa Res in the beginning was the idea for my personal website. I started talking with people about website when we can do this same like on social network pages, but for volunteers from European projects. I started implementing...

We are the World

Dream big – join us!

” You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.  “

John Lennon


Mission & Vision

Sharing information, ideas and knowledge to help with learning process. Integrating people with similar live situation.

Join our team

In our team are talented young people. Writers, editors, translators, developers, photographers, video creators. We are working with passion on creativive ideas.

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