Hi! I am Alice and I am currently doing my EVS in Barcelona, Spain. I am originally from Estonia, a very small country from the northeast of Europe. The population of Estonia is only 1,305,038 million people but nevertheless we have our own independent country, language and a rich culture. In the University of Tallinn I studied Spanish Philology and culture, during my studies I worked a few odd jobs and also in two international companies. I must say that from the first day I started my studies at the university I had in the back of my mind the plan to move to Spain and to see everything that I studied in my classes with my own two eyes. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to study abroad and after my graduation I felt that it was about time to pack my bags and go on an adventure. I got in contact with my sending organisation Continuous Action and after two months I was already packing my suitcase to come to Barcelona


So I believe that you can already imagine that coming from such a small nation and moving to Barcelona, a city so vibrant and big, has been quite a change for me. Well, the truth is I am still getting used to living abroad and nevertheless in such a big city as Barcelona. I started my European Voluntary Service on the 4th of January, so it has now been roughly a month living in Barcelona. Even though it has only been a month here I feel that I have already got to experience so many new fun things. I started my work in the Fundació Catalunya Voluntária (FCV)  where I will be working during my EVS project, I have had the chance to meet new interesting people, attend a meeting with an organisation called REFAL (The Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation) and through my work with FCV I will get to experience many interesting events that will involve people from different places of the world that are all working towards bettering our societies and communities.


Apart from the work that I am doing during my project length, I have already had the chance to explore the city a bit and discover some really beautiful and cool places in Barcelona. Furthermore, I have started my Catalan language course and I must admit that I find the classes a lot of fun and a good way to meet new people. Of course, there are still so many things I am yet to experience and explore but since I have only just arrived a month ago I still have plenty of time for traveling and new adventures. I am very excited to to find out what my time here will entail for me and with a little bit more time I would have a lot more to write to you guys about. I would love to keep you updated on my doings on this great VolZone platform!



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