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Sharing information, ideas and knowledge to help with learning process. Integrating people with similar live situation.

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” You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.  “

John Lennon


Meet our team

Marcin Bury

Marcin Bury

Founder & Project Manager

Founder of VolZone – Volunteer Zone and project manager. He was doing EVS (European Voluntary Sercice, today European Solidaroty Corps) in Barcelona in Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. During the project he got the idea to connect all volunteers. He was presenting idea on local events, on Mid-term training and finnally in European Pailiament. The project is still in progress.

His profession is the digital media design. He is involved in UX, UI video, photography.  Actually he is studying UX & UI, and 3D design to be able to create more solutions for better user experience.


Alexandre Hallé

Alexandre Hallé


During his ESC (European Solidarity Corps) in Plasencia (Extremadura), he met Marcin Bury who explained this Project Volzone in European Formation.
The idea of ​​keeping contact with others volunteers and knowing others projects attracted him. That’s why he joined the team of Volzone.
At the moment, he leads projects with artists in the North of France
Join us and create the Europe of tomorrow !
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In our team are talented young people. Writers, editors, translators, developers, photographers, video creators. We are working with passion on creativive ideas.

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