Video contest for volunteers! Record your EVS story!

Video contest for volunteers! Record your EVS story!

Share your story, record video

Share your story is the title of the second edition contest about experience from EVS.

Be creative and win one of the prices!

All winners go to Brussels for the European Youth Week!

and you can choose:

  • 2 Interrail Passes
  • trip to Barcelona
  • trip to Cyprus
  • trip to Dubrovnik and Zadar
  • trip to Lisbon
  • trip to Malta
  • trip to Palma de Mallorca
  • trip to Prague
  • trip to Salzburg
  • trip to Santa Severa, Italy
  • trip to Valencia

What you need to do?

  • record one-minute video
  • post it on website


The deadline of contest: 18 of March 2019

More info at:



Good Luck,



Cigna insurance card

Cigna insurance card

Log in into your Cigna account and print your Cigna insurance card

Here You will have information how to log-in into your Cigna account, find your insurance agreement and card.

1. Check your email from Cigna email with reference nr.

Topic should look like this:
Welcome to Cigna – Your personal reference n°: xxx/xxxxx

There is also personalized video for you with information how to do it.

2. You shold also have second email with activation link.

Title should look like this: Cigna | Activate your personal webpages
Click here on: Activate my account now →

3. You will go to the webpage

Go to the url: https://www.cignahealthbenefits.com

4. Go to the page: Plan members, use your reference number and password.

5. Logged-in

In home page you will be redirected go to the panel: My plan
And click on:  My membership card.

6. Go to the bottom of the site and find your card.

6. Print it or save it to your mobile.

7. Keep it with you 🙂

Well done!


Here you can find addictional information how to log-in:


Here is also information from Cigna website about how to use this card:


We had a lot of questions about Cigna insurance. We decided that in the  next article we will write how to make an appointment, and what we will need to do this.

Best regards,

VolZone team

Project No Passa Res

Project No Passa Res

From “No Passa Res” to “VolZone”

No Passa Res in the beginning was the idea for my personal website. I started talking with people about website when we can do this same like on social network pages, but for volunteers from European projects.

I started implementing idea into my personal page and started testing functionality. By now You can find a lot of unique features specially for you for free!

Check list of benefits here:

List of benefits.

The description of final logo of “No Passa Res”:

No passa res – nothings happend! When you are learning you are making mistakes.
Three traingles represents growth. From time to time we are like this black one – alone, but if we want we are able to become different color by learning, by mixing languages.

The history of logo







Evs in Barcelona at 30 yo

Evs in Barcelona at 30 yo

When you are living in a small village you need to deal with stereotypes and old fashioned opinion about who is young and who not, what you should do and should not, what is good and what is not. Surrounded by that kind of thoughts I’ve spent a lot of time trying to deal with myself and to find my way. I don’t regret that I left my family house late – 27 because I used this time to discover who I am and what giving me positive energy when I am working.

I decided that I will try to go by the hardest way. Way of passion, hobbies and ideas. But what gave me the signal when I know what I want to do? I tried a lot of things, a lot of jobs and I was working as a freelancer. From all opportunities I took a lesson.

I am Marcin from Poland. In a nut shell I will tell you my story, how I get here to do my 12 month, long term EVS project in Fundació Catalunya Voluntària – in Barcelona.

Before going to EVS since 2004 I tried: working in Sawmill as gardener, working in a supermarket selling the IT stuff, an  internship in Local culture center where from my initiative I was making workshops for older people about basic of computers. After I worked foran internet TV as operator and editor, I was trainer of multimedia workshops from UE, I was working in a warehouse and as a driver. I was making photography  and video from wedding. Finally I was working for a marketing agency as graphic and web designer.  All the time additionally I was trying to work as freelancer . In the same time I was studying during the weekends – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

On this life journey I had the feeling that I love some of this jobs and other are not for me. This was for me enlightenment that working with people is something I really want to do. It is giving me positive energy.

I was looking for a job in Poland because the situation was not stable one more time. But I decided to look at EVS Data Base. I have choose the topic which I was interesting in and I got the list of opportunities. I figured out in Barcelona they were looking for one polish person. Once understood the tasks they were offering, I decided to send my cover letter and curriculum before the deadline. I really loved the tasks – it was something for me.

I caught the opportunity to go out one more time from my comfort zone and take a risk going to the new country, new city with no idea about the language. I didn’t have time to be worried, because before moving I needed to make up my mind.

All in all, my decisions from the past, good and terrible ones, leaded me to the moment I am living in Barcelona with an open-mind attitude.

In the first moment I went out the metro I had a curious feeling to belong to this city. I want to stay here more than my EVS project and I want to learn some new languages. But in few moments I realized that I was not ready for that shock. As Barcelona is in the region of Catalunya, they are speaking Catalan and Castellano. First few months it was hard learning by my own. By now I am able to understand a little, say something and recognize this two languages.

In the end of November I will start my Catalan course. I hope I will be smart enough to learn 3 languages in this same time, because I still need to work on my English.

As a volunteer I took it as a challenge to prove myself. I was a support person in the Youth Exchange organized by my hosting Organization – FCV. It was a test for me. Afterward I surely knew that I am in the good place surrounded by good people.  And I did my tasks really well and I really enjoyed working with people. In FCV I am working on graphic design and website design in order to promote volunteering and projects for youth.

In the future I would like to have my own organization which will be helping young people with tough situation. Since I am here I was able to talk with few foundation´s members and I know that this is not an easy path, but if you are crazy, stubborn and brave enough you can change the world. This sentence which fits perfectly comes to mind: “Poco a poco y buena letra”.

Another sentence I love so much that I started working at project with this name: “No passa res”, you will hear soon about it!

For me it’s first time I am living abroad. I only regret I didn’t know about all this opportunities when I was younger. Maybe it comes for me late but for sure now I will help organizations informing and promoting volunteering youth opportunists in EU.

I went also to my on-arrival training where have meet more people who decided to go to EVS in my age and who have got similar situation, yet I will write soon about that!


Original article is written by me and copied from:

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