My adventure with Erasmus + started 2 month before my 31st birthday, when I’ve discovered, that it was my last chance to participate in an EVS. Luckily, I found a 10 months offer in Spain for working with mentally ill people. I like the plan of going to Spain for enjoying the palm trees, sangria and heat.

I came to little town in Castilla y Leon region, without knowing any Spanish. Surprisingly, people from the daily center of mentally ill people  didn’t speak English. This didn’t prevent one participant from falling in love with me. It could be a really lovely story, but in fact, it turned out to be quite dangerously. My admirer started following me and soon he became a stalker. When I realized, that I’m not safe, and mentally ill person probably will not bear any consequences of his actions, I’ve decided to quit my job.

Despite this fact, my organization offered me another solution to relocated me in the main office in Valladolid, capital of Castilla y Leon. Thanks to this decision, now I’m gaining new experience in department of European projects. Nowadays, now I’m safe and sound.
Regarding the weather, I feel cheated by people who told me, that there’s no winter in Spain. Don’t believe so! Of course, on the south you can look tanned even in February, but I live in cold pole of Spain. For example, at the night temperature is around -4’C, which is not shocking for someone who raised in Poland. Unless… you haven’t brought any winter clothes. Yes, I didn’t brace myself and winter has come. My main goal in December was to survive  without being freeze. Well, mission almost completed! I’m sick twice a month,consequently, I’m spending a lot of time at home, under blankets, waiting for spring.

Except for all the inconveniences, I don’t regret of my experience in Spain because  I am surrounded by palm trees, I have tried sangria and I have experienced siesta. This is the time of my life 😉

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