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  • My service is your life


    Two years ago, I was dead. Blades were my closest friends and suicide plans my refugee from the pain of reality. Emptiness fulfilled my petrified heart. The last drop of love for my little brother gave me the strength to commit myself to psychiatric wa …

  • Brace yourself. Winter has come


    My adventure with Erasmus + started 2 month before my 31st birthday, when I’ve discovered, that it was my last chance to participate in an EVS. Luckily, I found a 10 months offer in Spain for working with mentally ill people. I like the plan of going t …

  • Sergio, how was your voluntary service?

    Sergio Leal

    Everytime I am asked about my voluntary service my eyes look brighter. It is a pleasure for me to write about my volunteering time in Bulgaria. As you read, I made an European Voluntary Service in Sofia, Bulgaria, in a project called Mountain assistant …

  • A small town girl in the big city


    Hi! I am Alice and I am currently doing my EVS in Barcelona, Spain. I am originally from Estonia, a very small country from the northeast of Europe. The population of Estonia is only 1,305,038 million people but nevertheless we have our own independent …

  • My adventure in the Red Cross


    Soooo, where to start… I am a Hungarian girl but from Serbia (no it is not that confusing as it seems…), from a little town, called Subotica, near to the Hungarian border. Due to my grandparents and my parents were big travelers, my mother decided to e …

  • Evs in Barcelona at 30 yo


    When you are living in a small village you need to deal with stereotypes and old fashioned opinion about who is young and who not, what you should do and should not, what is good and what is not. Surrounded by that kind of thoughts I’ve spent a lot of …

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