Log in into your Cigna account and print your Cigna insurance card

Here You will have information how to log-in into your Cigna account, find your insurance agreement and card.

1. Check your email from Cigna email with reference nr.

Topic should look like this:
Welcome to Cigna – Your personal reference n°: xxx/xxxxx

There is also personalized video for you with information how to do it.

2. You shold also have second email with activation link.

Title should look like this: Cigna | Activate your personal webpages
Click here on: Activate my account now →

3. You will go to the webpage

Go to the url: https://www.cignahealthbenefits.com

4. Go to the page: Plan members, use your reference number and password.

5. Logged-in

In home page you will be redirected go to the panel: My plan
And click on:  My membership card.

6. Go to the bottom of the site and find your card.

6. Print it or save it to your mobile.

7. Keep it with you 🙂

Well done!


Here you can find addictional information how to log-in:


Here is also information from Cigna website about how to use this card:


We had a lot of questions about Cigna insurance. We decided that in the  next article we will write how to make an appointment, and what we will need to do this.

Best regards,

VolZone team

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