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Links don't lead you where you want to be

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    Hey Marcin, lovely admins of this website,

    Almost always when I click on a link (in an e-mail or as well on the website) it does not bring me there where I expect to brought.

    Three examples:

    1. I received a friend request e-mail. I clicked on the link, logged in and was brought to my profiles “homepage”, instead of my notifications/friends requests. Further I then did not manage to confirm the friends request but could just mark the request or delete it – and at some point it just disappeared (even tough I did not delete it).

    2. I received the information that the admin (Marcin) wrote a new article and that I should check it out. As I clicked on the link I was brought to his profile, but not directly to the article. I could not find it in the end.

    3. I wanted to write a message into a group chat. But when you click on a group you are not directly directed to the group chat, but you have to search for it. Of course this isn’t a big deal, but it just feels like two clicks to much which makes it exhausting to stay at this website for a longer period of time.

    I hope this feedback helps you!

    Strong hug,


    Hola! Thank you Manuel!

    I didn’t know about this issues.

    Some of this i will try to fix. The hardest thing is that i am designer, not developer 🙂
    So i am learning how to fix things. I will try to do my best!

    Of course thank you for the feedback!

    P.S. Maybe you know someone who can help like wordpress developer?

    Best regards!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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