Soooo, where to start… I am a Hungarian girl but from Serbia (no it is not that confusing as it seems…), from a little town, called Subotica, near to the Hungarian border. Due to my grandparents and my parents were big travelers, my mother decided to enroll me in a language school when I was 6. I am sure she knew that I will also travel a lot. And she was sooo right. English was my third language, and when I was a student I began to learn Spanish. And there started everything… my love towards Spanish language, culture, people, etc. Since then I knew I will be live there one day, I just did not know when and how…and why.

Since my childhood I always did some voluntary jobs. I worked in a local radio, in the library, in the theatre, helped to a local dog-shelter, worked as a group guide at a festival. Volunteering was always part of my life. It was something normal for me because my father was a member of the Red Cross in my city.

A friend of mine mentioned this program for the first time, and I decided to try it, due to I could not do an Erasmus-program during my student years. I sent like 40 curriculums, but nothing happened. I tried to be more official, more creative, tried to mix these two things, send a Power Point presentation, but without any result. And then I saw a post of the Red Cross in Tudela, they were searching for 2 volunteers, one for children and the other one for work with elders. Due to I am a teacher, I applied for the one with the children, but finally they put me in the other program.

So in September I arrived to Tudela. It is a little town on the north of Spain, in Navarra province. Its population is around 35,000 and it is sited in the Ebro valley. Fast trains running on two-track electrified railways serve the city and two freeways (AP 68 and AP 15) join close to it. Tudela/ Tutera is the capital of the Ribera Navarra, the agricultural region of lower Navarra and also the seat of the courts of its judicial district. This town is also famous for the tomato called „tomate feo“ or in English ugly tomato(it is not that ugly in the real life). I was nervous because I did not have any experience at this field but my tutor and all of my colleagues were very kind and they helped me a lot. Then I realized that it is same like a teacher job, just the only difference is that my students are a little bit older.

There are more groups, in the mornings we work with people who have Alzheimer, and in the afternoon as well but those classes are more about playing games, making crafts, drawing, painting. Sometimes I help to my coworkers who work with children. We usually go to the local park, to see the nearby river or just to take a walk in the town. I also have some administration tasks. Every Tuesday I go to see an old lady in her home, usually we just talk or play cards. On Wednesdays we have healthy walks, we are walking around the city because our mission is to take care of the body as well. And then there are hobby classes, like „aula del bienestar“ there are people who do not have any problems, just want to be active. Every Friday is a day for sewing and make different crafts. We made fish, pumpkins, witches, Christmas trees, cactuses, pigs.

Normally when we visit a foreign country, we have a cultural shock, it is a reaction to new custums. It was not my first time in Spain, before I lived in Andalucia, so I did not really have this feeling but still there are some things to mention. In my country we are more or less punctual, but in Spain you can arrive late, they will not say anything. What else, it is a very frequent thing. Sometimes it can be irritating, but I prefer this flexibility. The other unusual thing was the late night Spanish dinner. Normally I can not eat after eight, but they eat around ten. Oh, and the siesta! From two o’clock until four every shop is closed, it is a time for the lunch and to take a rest-a siesta.

My organisation is very professional and I am very thankful to them for their help and cooperation. I really hope that I can work for them in the future because my plan is to stay in Spain. And I also recommend them to anyone, if you apply you will not regret it! Write me if you have any questions.

Best wishes, Adri

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