Privacy Policy of Volzone.eu

What kind of personal information we are collecting from users?

  1. Email address
  2. First name and last name (If someone want to write last name).
  3. basic location information (we are not asking about exactly location – recommended is to set the city where you are).
  4. information about type of project
  5. information about frame time of project
  6. name of hosting organization
  7. website of hosting organization
  8. name of sending organization
  9. website of sending organization
  10. The other project users done (Experience).
  11. Address of personal website, social network if users want to share it.

Do you send emails to your users?

  1. By now users are receiving emails auto-generated about the features provided in portal.
  2. We will be sending newsletters about new article made by users and new features.

How can users unsubscribe from your emails?

  1. Users can usubscribe in the user panel. User profile > setting > email section.
  2. Users also can delete their account.

Do we use tracking and/or analytics tools, such as Google Analytics?

Yes we are using Google Analytics to provide the best service.

Can users pay for our products/services?

  1. By now is not possible, and it will be not possible in the future.
  2. In the future we are planing to provide donate and crowdfunding options if someone will want to support us.

Do we show ads on your website?

By now we are not showing ads on our profile.

How can users contact us for any questions regarding your Privacy Policy?

By email provided in contact section.




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