Progress of the

VolZone project

The actual state will be updated

With all links for the plugins, exact costs, etc.

We will also add possibility to donate us when we will make official partnership.

Actual Yearly costs
of volzone.eu

  • Server: 30 euro
    The placewhere we have hosted our website.
  • Domain:  25 euro
  • certificate SSl: 30 euro
    Security commercial certificate. (Https://)
  • Geo wp: 45 euro
    Pluging for our map users system.
  • Visual editor Divi: 89 euro
    Commercial version of Visual editor for WordPress.

Total: 219 euro

We are planning to add:

  • Additional Plugin for geo wp: 45 euro
  • Security OTP (one time password) for registration, login, comments, and password recovery. 40-90 euro
  • Plugin and system for contests: 90 Euro
  • Better visual editor for users to posts stories and to geolocate their stories: 70 euro
  • Better system for events: 70 euro
  • and much more

Total: 315 euro – up

We are planning:

  • Partnerships with National Agencies
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Video contests with rewards
  • Other contests with regard
  • Kickstarter campaigns
  • Croudfounding


  • Events with partners
  • Training courses
  • International exchanges of volunteers from partners organizations.


And also:

  • Improving back end and frontend
  • Improving user experience
  • Creating web app for iOS and Android

Join our team

In our team are talented young people. Writers, editors, translators, developers, photographers, video creators. We are working with passion on creativive ideas.

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